Big Country


Welcome to Big Country! A land of towering trees, epic mountain ranges and huge swells. Shaped by their natural environment and inspired by their NBA heritage, the Big Country polo team storms into 2013 ready to kick ass.

With the sad departure of Chris "Drunky" Proulx, former Crazy Canucks Rory Crowley and Alex Churchman look to Henry Norris to fill Chris' massive shoes. No slouch to competitive polo Henry has been making a name for himself around the North American scene over the last couple years. In 2012 Henry made a strong showing at the North Americans playing with NS partner Ken Regher and Martin Hauck. Henry was also a top selection in 2013 Bench Minor 4 as well as top 3 placings in several large tourneys over the past couple of years. 

Look for Big Country to come out roaring at the 2013 Cascadia Qualifier this June. 

Want to support the team? We will have Big Country T-Shirts landing on the site soon with all proceeds going to team travel costs. Sign up to find out when they are available

Big Country is:

Rory Crowley

Alex Churchman

Henry Norris